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Timothy Bundy’s Testimony and Calling
I was raised by two wonderful and Godly parents, Andrew and Sandra Bundy. They taught me at an early age the importance of God, the Gospel, and going to church. I also have two brothers, Jacob and Caleb Bundy, who have always been role models and encouragers to me, challenging me in their personal walk with the Lord, work ethic, and love for others. I praise the Lord for the influences He has placed in my life.
At the age of five years old, I asked my father what it meant to be saved. I had heard him talking with my older brother about it and I did not understand. He explained to me God’s perfection and our sin. How there is no possible way for anyone to find their own way into heaven. But that Christ paid for my sins on the cross and made a way for me and any sinner to join him in Heaven and escape the punishment of sin in Hell. That day in an old Eckerd’s parking lot, I accepted Christ into my heart and received salvation.
My first summer of teen camp while in 7th grade, I went to the Wilds Christian Camp in North Carolina. I heard the preaching of Evangelist Dr. Tom Farrell all week long and was called into full-time ministry. While in 11th grade, I felt the Lord's call on my life to be a missionary during a missions conference. I remember a missionary from Mexico giving a simple testimony of his ministry in Mexico. What stood out to me so much was his joy with what little I thought he had. I said right there and then to God, "I want what he has." I want the joy of the Lord and the peace of God he has in serving You where You have called him.
That next summer, a few months after high school graduation, I went on my first missions trip to Ethiopia, Africa. While there, I served with two missionary families at their church and the vacation Bible school they were hosting. I had never felt such joy and peace in my life. It is hard to explain, but God made it known to me at that time that this (Ethiopia) was home. I fell in love with the people and had such joy. I was even allowed to preach once to the teens and loved every bit of it. The time came to head back home to get ready for Bible College, but I wanted more than anything to just stay. Since then, I have longed to return every day.
I went to West Coast Baptist College and graduated in 2018. Pastor Paul Chappell hired me on at Lancaster Baptist Church after graduation. At the end of the summer, I was asked if I would have any interest in working at the Bible College. I then transitioned to be Dr. Jim Schettler's (VP of Student Affairs at WCBC) assistant for three years. I started dating my wife, Jennifer Pridgen, in February 2020, and on August 20, with all four parent’s blessings, I proposed and she accepted! We were married on December 12, 2020, and are now so excited to serve the Lord together as missionaries to Ethiopia, Africa!

Jennifer Bundy’s Testimony and Calling
I grew up in Uganda, East Africa, and learned much about missions and ministry at a young age. When I was three years old, I accepted Christ as my savior. Growing up, I struggled a lot with who I was and what my part was in the ministry and for the Lord. It was not until I was about sixteen when I finally surrendered to the Lord's will. I knew I would need to attend college for a teaching degree because that would help me the most in whatever mission field the Lord sent me to.
I attended West Coast Baptist College for four years. Until 2020, I was determined to graduate, gain some experience stateside and become a missionary back to Uganda. In my senior year, the Lord shocked me out of my stubbornness when He slammed shut the door to Uganda for me. I prayed and committed to serving wherever the Lord would have me and gave up my plans and what I thought I was supposed to do for the unknown. A few days after this, the Lord tested me. I had no desire to date or associate with the young men at my college because of some bad experiences. I had surrendered to obey no matter what, but this was my test. Brother Ferrso, the missions pastor, approached me about reaching out to a staff member who surrendered to be a missionary in Africa. I, loving that subject, decided to sit down and discuss the topic. He pushed both of us, and eventually, the staff member asked me out for coffee. We opened our hearts and let the Lord lead, and man did He work miracles. I always had a keen interest in Ethiopia and had written many college papers and a booklet on it. My parents taught me that when I marry a man, I am called to that man. I knew God had called me to Africa; I did not know where.

As I prayed about it and continued to date, the Lord made it clear that this was His will and that my calling was to this man and this country. I had total peace with the path God had put me on. I did not just have peace; I had excitement. Now we are married and working hard to follow the Lord as we begin this thrilling journey. I cannot wait to be a missionary and serve the Lord in Ethiopia. Until then, my husband and I are serving the Lord here and looking with excitement to the future.

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